Americans Won’t Work


More than 12 million workers left the workforce in the fall, and they are not looking for jobs. Since they are not counted in the unemployment numbers, it makes it look like the low unemployment numbers are a good thing when it’s not.

Biden’s cabal has capitalized on the problem by paying many workers more money to stay home and not work. People are incentivized to not work. When they’re eligible for unemployment, they quit.

Biden’s cabal is telling us our work means nothing, religion means nothing, paying debts, family – all mean nothing.

The Biden Regime’s idea is to give jobs to the low-paid underclass of illegal aliens and ‘refugees’ they are importing.

This is a longtime problem that is accelerated by Biden wanting more Democrat voters and businesses wanting cheap labor.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trend since the 1950s has more women working and far fewer men. That isn’t good for society.

Our Marxist members of society demonize work, bosses, capitalism and it’s all coming to a head.

The Biden Regime’s vaccine mandates are driving people out of the workforce at a time we need these people in the workforce.

Politicians and the media have also terrorized people out of the workforce with the virus porn they love to spread. Watch this interview:

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