Baton Rouge invites criminals to get vaxxed & possibly get records expunged


Baton Rouge Proud held an event yesterday inviting criminals to get vaccinated so they can potentially get their police records expunged. And they get free food and a chance to win a Visa gift card.

This is sick.

The flyer states that if you want your record expunged, there will be an opportunity this weekend at the MLK Community Center on Oct. 9, BRProud reported. The event will provide record expungement, free food, and a chance to win a VISA gift card.

To qualify for expungement, register here and then get vaccinated at the MLK Community center. If you are already vaccinated and want to be considered for expungement, click here.

It’s likely they are offering legal advice and perhaps representation. Baton Rouge is working to absolve criminals of their past.

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