Biden Cares About Maui, Tell That to the Boy Who Died Hugging His Dog


Lahaina destroyed by fire and incompetence.

Joe Biden took some time off for his vacations with billionaires like climate extremist Tom Steyer to visit Maui.

The disaster in Maui was made worse by the incompetence of Hawaiian officials. Even worse was Joe Biden’s uncaring response to it. Over 114 people have died, and much of the history of Maui was destroyed. Four museums were lost.

Biden Really Cares

The Biden administration wants us to believe they have been with people in Maui since Day One. It’s sickening to constantly hear how Joe cares about America as he turns his back on us.


The media is finally covering the deaths. They have tried to cover it up to protect Biden and Hawaiian Democrats.

More than 100 people were killed in the Lahaina wildfire, and hundreds more remain missing – and it’s “possible” that many of the victims are children who were at home while schools were closed, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green told “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Hawaii officials said on Monday that 850 people are still missing on Maui in the wake of wildfires that destroyed historic Lahaina and other areas. So far, just 27 of the 114 confirmed victims have been identified.

School was out and people fear many of the deceased are children.

The boy who dies hugging his dead dog

Stories have started pouring in of children who were lost in the flames.

Teenager Keyiro Fuentes was enjoying his last day of summer vacation hanging out at his Lahaina home when the fire swept through. His adoptive mother, Luz Vargas, was working five miles away.

She and her husband tried to get home to Fuentes as soon as they learned of the fire, but got stuck in traffic. When she got out of the car to run to the house, she faced a police barricade. Later, after running past officers, first responders told her the area had been cleared and no one was there.

When they were finally allowed to go to their house two days later, they found the body of their 14-year-old son, hugging the family’s dead dog. He was just days away from celebrating his 15th birthday.

I’m sorry, but this is criminal.

As we said, the incompetence is horrifying.

Coast Guard Station August 8 2023

If it wasn’t for the intense pressure on him, it’s doubtful Biden would have gone to Maui.

He asked for another forty billion dollars for Ukraine, and in the way of comparison, he will give $700 to each Maui resident.

The residents want help, not Joe Biden.

Residents of Maui don’t believe it. [Biden doesn’t care about anything or anyone.]

You’re Too Late, Joe

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