Biden created the best equipped terror nation in the world


Victor Davis Hanson warned Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on his show this week, “There is something terribly wrong with our military.”

“I don’t know whether it is their distraction because of wokeness, as they go through the ranks and rosters trying to weed out potential … [white] supremacists, or they’re just incompetent, or they’re too worried about the revolving door of going in and out from defense contractor boards…” he said, saying we need an investigation.

Hanson said that the amount of military hardware captured by the Taliban added up to 85% of military aid provided to Israel over 70 years. He said the dollar value was equivalent to 7 of the new $12 billion Gerald Ford aircraft carrier or 1,000 of the F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft.

According to Hanson, the Taliban now owns more Abrams tanks than the U.S. has “ever deployed.”

“So this is the greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare.”

Hanson said the loss was accepted by the Pentagon “so nonchalantly.”  They’ve empowered a pre-civilizational terrorist band into making them into a considerable …. militia that will cause havoc for the next 20 years.”

They should be fired or resign, Hanson said.

Roughly, the Taliban were awarded:

22,174 Humvee Jeeps, 8,000 trucks, 162,043 radios, 634 M1117 all-wheel-drive armored personnel carriers of the type M1117, 155 mine-resistant and ambush-protected vehicles of the type MxxPro, 42,000 pickups, 64,363 machine guns, 16,035-night-vision devices, 358,530 assault rifles, and 176,295 artillery rifles.

In the Air Force, 33 Mi-17 helicopters, 33 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, 43 MD530 helicopters, 4 Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft, 23 light COIN and close air support aircraft Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano were used by the Taliban, 28 Cessna 208s and 10 Cessna AC-208s left by the Americans in Afghanistan.

But Democrats want Americans to give up their guns. Got it!


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2 years ago

The DEFEAT in Afghanistan was a Military Industrial Complex coup that will result in windfall profits in the future. First, that equipment will need to be replaced. The more insidious part of the plan is the Taliban now have the tools to create a major war in the Middle East that we will drawn into and probably on our own.

President Trump was working towards Peace in the World and Peace is bad for business when it comes to the Military Industrial Complex. The same with Big Pharma and the Healthcare Industrial Complex. President Trump was also reining in Big Pharma. President Trump had to go because he was a threat to the Government Financed Billionaires. President Trump was setting the stage for the reduction in the size of the Federal Government and the Deep State Bureaucrats and the Communist Democrat Liberal Losers who can not function without Federal Government Corporate Welfare could not allow that to happen.