Biden needs to make China pay for its actions over COVID


President Joe Biden flies across the pond Wednesday to meet European leaders. He says the goal is to “deliver real results” on critical issues such as climate change and cybersecurity. Yet the president is ducking the most important issue: the cause of the pandemic.

Biden should be marshaling allies to act in unison, squeezing China to get answers — and reparations. Because evidence is mounting that the Beijing regime is guilty of manslaughter.

A column in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend persuasively argued that the coronavirus’ genetic sequence contains a sequence highly unlikely to come about naturally. Physician Stephen Quay and physicist Richard Muller note that sequence is exactly what researchers would choose to engineer a virus for maximum infectivity against humans, rendering the natural-origin theory tenuous at best. Other recent analyses of the virus likewise point to the Wuhan virology lab — not nature — as the source of the pandemic.

It’s true that in science, nothing is settled; new evidence could still emerge and point in another direction. But there is no doubt that China acted criminally once the virus began circulating in Wuhan in 2019. Communist Party authorities hid the virus’ existence for weeks, denied that it could spread human-to-human, muzzled their own scientists, and blocked outside scientists from investigating — all in violation of Articles 6 and 7 of the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations.

Beijing is a repeat offender. In 2003, it hid the existence of the deadly SARS virus until it had spread worldwide, leaving a trail of death.

This time, Biden should be leading a multinational effort to isolate China, get answers and demand reparations. Without answers, warns Baylor physician and microbiologist Peter Hotez, there will be a COVID-26 and a COVID-32, meaning more viral disasters.

Biden is merely going through the motions, though, appearing to take action but doing nothing. He has called for a 90-day investigation by US intelligence agencies. Yet as Hotez says, “we’ve pushed intelligence as far as we can.” Scientists need to collect lab samples from Wuhan and biological samples from the earliest COVID patients.

The Biden administration has also called on WHO to investigate again. WHO allowed China to handpick the first investigation team, ban access to biological evidence and veto conclusions Beijing didn’t like. There is no point to a second WHO investigation. The UN outfit remains a puppet to China.

To get the truth, The Post has proposed an important remedy: a commission created by act of Congress relying on nonpartisan scientists — not the likes of Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health’s Francis Collins. These men misled Congress and the nation with a naïve globalist viewpoint that put us in danger.

Fauci told Congress that the Wuhan lab staff are “competent, trustworthy scientists,” never mind their germ warfare projects for the Chinese Communist military. Indeed, Fauci himself may wind up a subject of the commission’s investigation over his role in directing US taxpayer funds to support deadly “gain of function” research in Wuhan.

Last week, Biden commented that China believes in a few years it “will own America.” What’s your strategy, Mr. President? So far, only weakness.

It’s a stark contrast to former President Donald Trump, who declared on Saturday night that “the time has come for America and the world to demand reparations and accountability from the Communist Party of China.” Western governments should hand Beijing a reparations bill for its lies and, if necessary, cancel Western debt to China as a collections measure.

Fears of such a move harming the world financial system hold less water if all major countries collectively agree to enforce reparations against China this way.

If the lab-leak theory is definitively established, it means Beijing’s actions have led to carnage on a mass scale: The virus’ toll so far is nearly 4 million dead, including 600,000 Americans — plus millions more dead or damaged as a result of lockdowns.

Unless China is made to pay, more Americans will pay with their lives in the future.


Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York.

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High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter
1 year ago

CCP fellow travelers will do whatever it takes in order to burn it (the last republic) down by any means necessary.
Joe Joe the Gimp has been long marching for fifty years and the goal is within sight.

1 year ago

Please explain how Comrade Puppet Biden and his horde of ChiCom agents masquerading as the Democratic Party are going to do anything to slow the ChiCom march towards world domination? The ChiComs have inflicted more damage on the USA than the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Their release of the CCP Virus was deliberate and calculated to first cover up their own failing economy and second to destroy the economies of their competitors. They Have murdered over 5 million and countless innocent people world-wide. The damage is irreparable and we need to collapse the CCP by first canceling all debt owed to the CCP or any institution they control,seizing allproperties world-wide they are any of their citizens control. Nothing new here. We did the same in WWII when we seized German firms like Bayer. The Proceeds of these seizures must be paid as reparations to the people that were murdered and injured, to the businesses that were destroyed and to pay down the debt incurred in fighting the pandemic the ChiCom engineered. However, one thing we can be certain of is that ChiCom agent Biden will not do anything to recover damages.More likely he will invite another ChiColm biological warfare attack.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Betsy I always like listening to you. The synthetic nature of the virus was known over a year ago, if we are to use junk sources like the WSJ to wait for info then we are lost. Our agencies were involved, they knew all about cooperation between the Fauci gang, US scientists and China. They can easily monitor all communications, financial transactions, travel. They are part of the coverup, Suggesting their involvement will help is a losing strategy. Don’t forget that coward & crook Barr had nearly a year to uncover the whole thing, instead, he supported the election coup and left town. He’s complicit also. Whenever there are major crimes endangering the nation, Barr will be hiding them. We already have links between UNC, Harvard, U. of Texas scientists and Wuhan. Of course Intel knew all about that. Why don’t you write about that? Didyou ever hear of Charles Lieber? If not, read about it.

You want the lab link to be definitely established? How more established do you expect it to be? Wuhan did the research, aided by US scientists and agencies. Technology and samples were exchanged. Whistleblowers agree. China destroyed all the evidence. No one was allowed in to investigate. The virus structure shows tell tale signs of splicing. You position on this is weak.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

Well don’t hold your hand on your a$$ waiting for China Joe to do anything against the Chi-coms. The man is a gutless bull shitter and full of hot air. He’s a disgrace to this country and dragging it down the path to hell.