Biden Tries to Introduce Rep. McCollum


Minnesota Fourth District Rep. Betty McCollum, a mostly venomous rep with a hatred of Israel, has become a ranking member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee.

That promotion got her an invite to President Biden’s announcement of his plan to nominate General Charles Q. Brown, the Air Force chief of staff, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gen. Brown started out as a fighter pilot, and he is black. He says he was victimized by prejudice and spoke out after George Floyd’s death.

Trying to say McCollum’s name, who, to be fair, is a forgettable rep, Biden called out “Representative Calhoun” before realizing that “Calhoun’s not here.”

John C. Calhoun was around until 1850 when he died. He owned slaves, so the former vice president’s name is being erased from Minnesota’s largest lake, now called Bde Make Ska. This furthers the false notion that we are all worthless white people descended from slavers. Truth would have it that there were only 17 million people in the US at the time. Most people are descended from later immigrants who didn’t own slaves. The big population wave was from 1850 – now.

Watch Joe Biden once again fumbles on the most basic of things, like saying ‘McCollum’:

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