#Biden’s Riots Trending on Twitter Since Sunday


As Democrats attempt to shift the blame for the riots they have encouraged and promoted, the right managed to get ‘Biden’s Riots’ to trend on Twitter. That is not easy. The platform is very biased left.

Democrats have taken to calling this ‘Donald Trump’s America’ when the riots are taking place in liberal (leftist) cities with liberal mayors and liberal city councils by liberal groups on behalf of liberal causes, supported by liberal money. But you must believe TRUMP DID IT!

When we say liberal, we mean leftist since leftists, communists, and socialists, have taken full control of the Democrat Party with the blessings of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Keep Biden’s riots trending if you are on Twitter.

Remember this:

And this:

How can it be ‘fiery but mostly peaceful?’ It is if fake news CNN says it’s so.

And especially this:

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