Biden’s State of the Union Is Expected to Demonize Republicans


According to a Daily Mail Online report, Biden will deliver a state of the union address to convince Americans that the country is thriving under his leadership.

His speech is expected to be very divisive, pitting Trump-supporting Republicans, whom he calls Magas and any American who leans right against Democrats and the left. He will say that Trump supporters are on the wrong side of every issue, domestic and foreign. In other words, it is going to be his typical speech.

Joe Biden’s anti-Republican hate speech in his Hellscape staging

“President Biden will make the case to continue to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out that has led to record job creation, the strongest economy in the world, increased wages and household wealth, and lower prescription drug and energy costs,” White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt said in a statement, per the Daily Mail.

He will say the “MAGA Republican agenda” is “rewarding billionaires and corporations with tax breaks, taking away rights and freedoms, and undermining our democracy.”

NBC News reports, Biden is also likely to draw attention to the numerous conflicts the United States is funding worldwide, namely Ukraine’s continued fight against Russia, and suggest that his administration is on the right side of history [as he refuses to close the border].

Reportedly, this is his chance to show he’s mentally fit [so they’ll have to pump him up with meds and run him through many rehearsals because he’s not fit.]

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