Big news from Parler on FB and Twitter conspiracy


Parler had a direct line to the FBI and had been removing violent content since the Fall of 2020. Of the 270 charging documents in the January 6th riot, only 5% were Parler. 80% were Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Twitter and Facebook conspired against Parler which was quickly gaining millions of users.

Before January 6th, Parler Made Over 50 Referrals of Violent Content to the FBI

HENDERSON, NV – Today, Parler LLC sent a response to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s February 8, 2021 request for production of documents. 

As part of that response, Parler provided new information that the Company proactively developed an open line of communication with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the fall of 2020 and referred violent content and incitement from Parler’s platform over 50 times before January 6th. Parler also warned the FBI about specific threats of violence being planned for the events at the Capitol on January 6th.

The letter, which is provided below, details the efforts made by Parler to flag and remove unlawful speech from its platform that was not protected by the First Amendment. It also notes that of the 270 charging documents filed by the Department of Justice, 80% of social media references were Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Only 5% referred to Parler.

Parler’s letter shows how the Company grew rapidly and accumulated over 15 million users by January 2021 and its app the most downloaded app at the Apple App Store and Google U.S. Play Store on January 8th, 2021.  Parler has always been committed to a viewpoint-neutral platform for free and lawful speech and the Company has refused to sell user data or use destructive algorithms  to fuel harmful “engagement through enragement.”  

Big Tech rivals Facebook and Twitter saw Parler as a viable threat and ganged up with Amazon and others to de-platform and destroy the Company. Big Tech has been effectively scapegoating Parler for the riots at the Capitol, but Parler’s revelations today show that the Company acted responsibly to try and stop the violence at the Capitol on January 6th.

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