Black Rock Wants Racial Discrimination for Top Jobs in US Companies


Top asset manager BlackRock Inc (BLK.N) on Tuesday demanded US companies aim for a board that is 30% diverse with one member from an underrepresented group. They are putting people into positions based on identity politics. This is the very definition of Marxism.

They also gave companies new guidance for reporting on climate change. But it said some continued investment in fossil fuels will be needed.

This is the new Marxist ESG investment push.

The powerful New York-based firm is pushing the Marxist environmental, social and governance ‘considerations.’

This is a guise used to convert our economy into a socialist one with the elites running everything and the peasants begging for crumbs.

Wake up people!

Earlier this month Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) said it wants big companies to have at least one director from an under-represented group, citing the growing availability of corporate disclosures showing personal diversity data.

Instead of promoting on merit and competence, people will be promoted along with racist and gender ‘qualifications.

This is a very racist ideology. ESG is CRT for investors.

Let’s hope fewer companies go public. Stay private or they will own you and your soul.


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V Is For Victory
V Is For Victory
1 year ago

They own the government and many more all over the world.
Will there be enough slices of pie for all the crony capitalist comrades of the criminal clique of globalist fellow travelers?
These minions of Satan are also buying up all the housing available and getting in on that mortgage cash cow.
Read earlier that Xi Obiden has cancelled student debt forgiveness, probably on order from BR.

1 year ago

Remind me why we should bail out Businesses and Banks when they go bankrupt. There should also be solid Market Share percentage restrictions on all companies in America. No Company in America should own more than a 10% Market Share to make it much harder for a company to become a monopoly. Publicly traded corporations should be prohibited from having any public stance on any issues including Political issues and Public Corporations should be banned for all Political contributions. Companies like Black Rock should not be issuing any “guidance” on hiring or on Climate Change.