CNN Host Gets Creamed on Air by Matt Gaetz


I can say without doubt that they don’t teach students how to google at Harvard. If they had, CNN host Abby Phillip would have known her planned attack on Matt Gaetz was a No-Go.

PHILLIP: You did vote against the defense appropriations bill this week that…

GAETZ: No, I didn’t

PHILLIP: The rule…

GAETZ: No, you’re wrong

PHILLIP: The rule to…

GAETZ: Abby, this is going to be a very embarrassing moment when the internet corrects you on this. I voted for the defense rule both times.

PHILLIP: Uh, oh, well, I…I stand corrected. Congressman, appreciate you joining us tonight; thank you so much.

She couldn’t even recover and went right to commercial.

I am not sure where she was going with it, but it was probably to make him look like an obstructionist since it said “Clock Ticks” under her name. He killed her momentum.

The left is getting ready to demonize Republicans for shutting down the government if that’s how it goes. Gaetz is only trying to break the cycle of not passing standalone bills and waiting until it’s an emergency, and then passing some huge monstrous bill. It’s McCarthy’s modus operandi.

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