CNN Tells the Truth About the Build Back Better Recession


As the Biden administration spins the recession to help Democrats in the midterms, CNN has leaned towards more truthful reporting under its new leadership. They are telling the truth about the Build Back Better recession.

During a segment about the White House’s desperate attempts to redefine what a “recession” is, CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza and host Kasie Hunt had some fun at the expense of the White House’s effort to put lipstick on the effects of the Build Back Better pig.

Biden’s economic advisor Deese said, “Two negative quarters of GDP growth is not the technical definition of recession.”

That spin doesn’t work when people struggle to pay for food and fuel.

Amid fears of recession, CNN’s Kasie Hunt slams the Biden administration for denying the definition of a recession: “You can’t fake this!”

Under the old leadership, they would have faked it. However, at this time, you never know when CNN will report honestly. They are telling the truth about the recession. Bad news for Joe and the Democrats.

However, all is not lost. Some are still perfectly willing to lie. Krugman’s lying and that comes as a surprise to some. Politico’s all in as well.

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