Communist-Anarchists March in Receptive New York City


Antifa are basically the Klan. They have different targets but they have the same ideology. The police are trying to protect us from them.

This is reminiscent of the KKK marching on D.C. in 1926, and the Nazis holding a rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939. It’s the same people. They are all tyrants.

Why won’t the media ever talk about these people? They’re dangerous and they are destructive. Why aren’t we talking about banning them from Twitter? They are all over Twitter, FB, and all social media.

They hate the police and want to defund them. Ask the congressmen hiding under desks last Wednesday if they still want to defund the police.

Apparently, there are a bunch of anti-Semites protesting what they seem to think is a Jewish Antifa movement. Obviously, it’s not.

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Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
2 years ago

send them to Cuba

Russia 1917 USSA 2020
Russia 1917 USSA 2020
2 years ago

I protect myself and don’t any state assistance.
When seconds matter the police are minutes away.
People need to get over this every cop is a hero that will swoop in and save you in the nick of time and protect and serve was just a PR slogan that some ACLU RAT found a way to get removed.
The Liberation Theology czar comrade kommissar DeBlasio welcomed his fellow travelers with open arms and you can bet your bottom dollar on that.
The second Bolshevik Revolution is underway, plan accordingly.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

What else does one expect to happen in a city that elects a self indulging communist mayor.