Comrade de Blasio wants federal taxpayers to give him $7 billion


Communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants $7 billion for the city he helped drive into deep debt. That means people in other states will have to fork over billions to him after he spent wildly.

Comrade de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, said “We follow the rule of law in this city and we respect the fact that there is a half-a-million people here who happen to be undocumented. And the U.S. Supreme Court said in 2012 that the federal government does not have in a federal system that respects states and localities, does not have the ability because of its own policy preferences to penalize cities that are trying to provide security and safety…”

“So we’re going to stick with our policies that the Constitution protects. And we’re going to serve our people and create a place that is safe for everyone.”

Sanctuary city laws are unconstitutional and violate federal law. Maybe he wouldn’t need the $7 billion if he didn’t spend it on free everything for any foreigner who wanders in illegally.

Warren thinks everything is just great in New York City but he lives in an alternative universe. He thinks he’s following the Constitution, but he must mean Zimbabwe’s.

Watch, this is what we are suffering with:



  1. Even if I were a dem living in NYC I could never have voted for him. Are these idiots not aware how he has ruined that city?

  2. Yo Wilhelm, go eat some ice cream and cake with Nancy D’Alesandro ya liberation theology commie rat.

  3. Jumping in on the backs of those since the work of others and now NY have two idiots in control and like other communist/Socialists put more into protecting illegals then their own.

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