Dan Crenshaw Dismisses His Calling Fellow GOP “Terrorists”


Dan Crenshaw dismissed his very nasty comments about fellow Republicans offhandedly on Neil Cavuto’s show. He called the Republican rebels “terrorists” and “enemies.” It wasn’t just the comments. It’s the fact that he fed into the acrimonious invective Democrats use against Republicans all the time.

The meaning of those words were very clear, especially since he was a soldier fighting terrorists, but there was no apology forthcoming.

Senator Ted Cruz had told Crenshaw to “settle down” over the Speaker fight. Neil Cavuto asked Crenshaw about it on his show. Crenshaw snarked, Cruz has “called American citizens terrorists multiple times, so, you know, if he really wants to play that game.”

This is what Crenshaw said originally:

Whether it’s Boehner or Paul Ryan or then McCarthy. Scalise would just be next and we all know it. We just can’t allow that to happen. That’s why those of us are saying ‘you pushed us into this corner, now we’re saying we won’t go for anyone but McCarthy.’ That’s why we’re saying it, because we cannot let the terrorists win. That’s basically what’s happening.

At another time, he called them their enemies.

Now he’s sayin:

“Look, I do not think these people are terrorists to the extent that my colleagues took offense to that,” he said. “I’ve gone up to them and said, ‘of course I didn’t mean it that way.’ We were speaking in terms of a very difficult negotiation where sometimes you use a turn of phrase about not giving into terrorists.”

What about “enemies?” Did he mean that in some other way? How did he mean that?


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