Dems Want to Cover Up the Soaring Obamacare Premiums


Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket, so Democrats want to redistribute the wealth to keep people from realizing they’ve created a huge bubble. A large group of House Democrats, worried about November, are stepping up pressure on party leaders to revive their stalled economic agenda and avoid hitting voters with huge healthcare bills only weeks before the November midterms.

Fifty-seven members of the New Democrat coalition led by Rep. Suzan DelBene of Washington signed a letter meant to highlight the steep health insurance premium increases that many people would face if a pandemic-era financial assistance program expires in December. The notices about the premium increases will go out weeks before the election.

In other words, they want to hide what they’ve done from the public and merely delay the inevitable.


The group includes Democratic lawmakers locked in tight re-election races this fall.

Under the stimulus law last year, Democrats piled on a lot of federal subsidies to temporarily cut monthly premiums for millions of Americans purchasing individual health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The subsidies come from taxpayers. The subsidies come from wild spending packages that added to inflation for all.

The move led to many lower-income Americans paying little or nothing for health coverage. Many middle-class families qualified for generous federal assistance for the first time.

If Democrats fail to revive a reconciliation bill extending the enhanced subsidies past year’s end, major price hikes often totaling hundreds of dollars will hit 13 million Americans during a punishing stretch of inflation.

Three million people would also lose their health insurance, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, Business Insider reports.

Obamacare premiums have been skyrocketing for years.

The Rates Just Keep Soaring Upward

In 2013, the year before Obamacare’s main requirements took effect, the average monthly individual market premium was $242. In 2019, that figure rose by 143% to $589. Critics note the cost of health care is still going up and argue the full costs still need to be paid regardless — the subsidies just make it so the government foots more of the premium bill, putting the onus ultimately on future taxpayers, Just the News states.

They’re masking the problem. It’s another kicking the can down the road move by Democrats. Republicans do it too, but Democrats are far worse. People have no idea how big a bubble this will become. The danger of Medicare For All also looms large and that will be much worse.

“One area where we can have some control over inflation is with our insurance premiums,” Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) said Monday on a panel hosted by the Arizona chapter of the Democrat-aligned advocacy group Protect Our Care. “There is a direct chance we can stop an increase if Republicans will act with us to continue subsidies we created.”

The Rates Will Double

“This is a ticking time bomb for Americans,” Elaine Parker, president of the Job Creators Network, told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Monday. “Obamacare premiums are set to more than double in 2023. And the notices are going to go out just before the midterms. So, there are a lot of very, very worried Democrats because they’re the ones who kind of caused this bubble.”

Not “kind of”, they DID it.


Democrats want a lifeline and a phony fix to trick voters. They don’t give a hoot about the voters or they wouldn’t spend like drunken sailors and kill our energy sector for a flighty ideology.

They should be thrown out of office and then we can work on the rest of the bums.

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1 year ago

The GOP needs to start posting some examples of the absurd health care premiums that middle class workers are paying.

1 year ago

Nothing is ever really free! Government just taxes and Redistributes Wealth.