Despot Biden is considering a travel ban against Florida


The Biden Administration is going after the state of Florida. He’s going to be tougher on Governor DeSantis than on illegals flooding the border by possibly initiating a travel ban on the state.

The governor veered from the narrative and encouraged Floridians to get back to work so they can live their lives normally. He told them to make “common sense” decisions about their health.

That set Biden off and he might seek revenge. He claims he wants to stop the spread of COV, but he’s letting anonymous people cross over the border and into the interior without COV testing.

Donald Trump was tormented for four years for his bans against terror nations. Biden was one of the people who condemned him for it. This puppet president wants to put travel restrictions on a state because he doesn’t like or recognize the governor’s authority.

“But we’re having conversations about anything that would help mitigate spread,” the official said, referring to discussions about new travel restrictions that could target the spread of the U.K. mutation in Florida.

Governor DeSantis’s answer:

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