Dishonest Chicago Teachers Union President Called Out for Her Hyper Hypocrisy


by James S. Soviero

Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis-Gates loves to call private schools “fascist” and “racist” — but it turns out she sends her son to one.

Screenshot of Stacey Davis-Gates, interview at ABC7

Davis-Gates has long bragged about how her children go to the Chicago public schools. But she recently got outed for sending a son to the prestigious private Catholic school, De La Salle Institute (average tuition: $14,750 a year), located on Chicago’s south side,

Meanwhile, the union chief poisons the educational well by calling school choice “actually the choice of racists” and private schools “segregation academies.”

She even went so far as to help kill an Illinois program providing grants to underprivileged children for private school tuition.  When it ends in January 2025, some 9,000 kids will lose out on what she, via her very comfy, publicly funded income, is providing for her own son.

Dumping that cash into De La Salle proves she knows her bleating is a lie — but spouts it anyway in service to her powerful union.

Maybe calling her a hypocrite is being too generous.  Could be that Davis-Gates is following the leftist playbook of her fellow ideologues by projecting names like fascist and racist onto to others.  After all, demonizing adversaries for power and profit is the hallmark of actual race hustlers and fascists.

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