DNI Ratcliffe explains Durham’s thinking on the Trump-Russia hoax


Former DNI Ratcliffe told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that he knows how John Durham is looking at the Russia-Trump hoax. He believes the intelligence did not show collusion and there was no predication.



    • So that means the FBI was corrupted beyond repair that we are on the threshold of being subject to the clandestine KGB

      • Don’t you just want to knock that chesire cat smile off the face of RosenstAin? Knock out all of his teeth and kick him in the butt as he crawls away?

    • Look how strong they are, they accomplished the election coup, with key officials in several states cooperating.

  1. It only took what close to $40 million to make the nothingburger?
    Looking through archive pics for 2019 and found a good one of Slick Willie with the caption Trump campaign funds from Russia $0 while Clinton got mega millions and it shows the Slickster in a photo with Vlad Rasputin.

    O/T-How do you hide a pistol from a socialist?
    Hollow out an Econ 101 textbook and hide it in there.

  2. This is silly, the DOJ had probable cause for major indictments 2 years ago. We can see Barr’s obvious participation in the election coup. Barr left Durham there to protect corrupt DC.

    A real story, which Maria will not cover is “criminal negligence by Barr”.

    There can be no doubt, there were serious criminal referrals, some reaffirmed by the DOJ, and there was no action. There is no legitimate excuse for the inaction of Barr & Durham. Having a former official on to talk about this is poor journalism.

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