Donald Trump Shares an Election 2020 Report


Donald Trump posted a report on the 2020 election. He keeps focusing on it because he thinks it will happen again if things don’t change.

“Page One: SUMMARY OF ELECTION FRAUD IN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN THE SWING STATES: I am pleased to share a Report that is fully verified, most of the information was gotten from Government Sources, Tapes, and other Public Records, and compiled by the most highly qualified Election Experts in the Country. These numbers are determinative and, in all cases, are hundreds of thousands of Votes per Swing State more than I needed to WIN that State. If the Republican Senate does not step forward and address this ATROCITY, it will happen again, and be virtually impossible for Republicans to WIN ELECTIONS in the future.”

He linked to this report: Nucleus Files

The Sentinel hasn’t confirmed the report. This is only an opportunity for readers to conduct their own research.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

The Jan6 crowd was not there to overturn an election, they were there to make sure the highly suspicious election would be investigated.

Mike Pence had the legal power to do exactly that ; pause things, have a deep investigation, but instead chose ( or was bribed, or was blackmailed ) to certify what everyone knew was a very suspicious election.

Ever since that day more and more evidence that the election was rigged has come out, and is still coming out today.

It should have never been certified, there should have been an investigation 20 times bigger than the Mueller Russia witchhunt.

But criminals are in charge, and will be for a long time…unfortunately

1 month ago

There is no way that the election results in Michigan were certifiable. The proof of fraud is undeniable. If what I red in that document was red right and the document is correct. More votes were tabulated than actual voters. Then the election results were indisputably incorrect.