Ex-mayor Pete demeans Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley


Most Democrats admit that Soleimani was a bad actor since they have no choice but to admit it. However, they are making it about President Trump. They politicize everything since Barack Obama. One of the worst at doing that is the former mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg says that Soleimani was “not a good guy,” an understatement if ever there was one. He adds that the Iranian terror-general led “countless operations against American interests, American allies, and American citizens.”

Then comes the ‘but.”

On Sunday on CNN with Jake Tapper, he said, Soleimani “was a bad figure. He has American blood on his hands. None of us should shed a tear for his death. But just because he deserved it, doesn’t mean it was the right strategic move.”

Tapper asked if Trump should get credit for killing Soleimani considering the blood and terror. “No,” Pete said. “Not until we know this was a good decision.”


“This is about consequences,” said Pete. He said we have to know “whether the President has thought through the consequences in particular for American lives, not just the troops who are on planes going to the Middle East right now, but U.S. citizens around the world whose lives may be at risk because of the fallout from this action.” He called the decision “questionable to say the least.”

Tapper told Buttigieg that Trump was told by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley that there was “compelling intelligence of a significant campaign of violence” against Americans that Soleimani was plotting.

What they didn’t say is Milley said that Soleimani was behind recent attacks, including the embassy attack. He already started the ‘Big Attack.’

Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist professor, suggested the Chairman and the President’s other advisers are liars or incompetent or something:

Tapper asked if he would have reacted based on the briefing the President received. Pete then suggested Miley and Esper were untrustworthy.

“It is not hard to believe that Gen. Soleimani was in the middle of a campaign of violence, he was a walking campaign of violence,” said Pete. “But when you’re dealing with the Middle East you need to think about the next and the next, and the next move. This is not checkers.”

Who would he trust then? Would the Aytalloh have to tell him personally?

“I’m not sure any of us really believe that this president and the people around him,” Pete said, “is really going through all of the consequences of what could happen next.”

“We really haven’t seen the indication that it even served to prevent whatever attack they’re talking about,” Pete said.

Pete seems to think everyone is lying but the Iranians.


Chairman Milley said there was no doubt about the intelligence, ABC News reported:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told a small group of reporters on Friday that within the last 90 days Kata’ib Hezbollah, aka KH, an Iranian-backed militia, organized a sophisticated campaign against U.S. and coalition forces that increased in intensity, culminating with the Dec. 27 attack on the Iraqi base near Kirkuk that killed a U.S. civilian contractor and wounded several U.S. and Iraqi forces.

It was “designed and intended to kill, and [Soleimani] approved it,” Milley said. “I know that 100 percent.”

Milley said that the trigger for the drone strike that killed Soleimani was “clear, unambiguous intelligence indicating a significant campaign of violence against the United States in the days, weeks, and months,” and that the administration would have been “culpably negligent” if it didn’t act.

Soleimani, by the former mayor’s admission, is a terrorist with American blood on his hands, but he doesn’t, no one, “none of us really believe” the administration


He mentions anti-ISIS operations were suspended. That will hurt Iraq. he didn’t mention that.

Buttigieg’s appointees might turn out to be very untrustworthy:

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M Simon
M Simon
4 years ago

He is annoyed that his Russian friends got whupped.

USA beat the Russians in a firefight in Syria Feb 2019. 100 (at least) Russians killed.

4 years ago

You probably only have one chance against a high level operative like General Soleimani. He was a general of the Iranian Republic Revolutionary Guards, a terrorist organization. They’ve been murdering Americans a long time, going back to the Beirut Marine barracks bombing, in which about 250 Marines and about 50 French service people were also killed in the same series of bombings, as well as six civilians.
They do their work in unconventional warfare.
The US can’t be in Iraq with them. Better to get out than to try to coexist with them.
Iraq may break up into civil war. The Kurds autonomous region doesn’t want to be under Baghdad’s control and the parts of Iraq taken over by ISIS saw ISIS as liberators from Baghdad corruption with Shiite domination and oppression of Sunni minorities initially.
I expect Iraq to break up into autonomous regions, based on tribal ethnicities and religious differences. Iran will try to dominate, take over, but I have my doubts many regions in Iraq will willingly submit and Iran will be stretched financially, so they may try to take over Iraq’s oil resources. I have your doubly that the Sunni allied countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States will let that happen.
Hezbollah will intervene from Lebanon and Assad from Syria may try to intervene on the side of Iran with Russian support, and China will intervene to stabilize access to oil resources.

4 years ago

Ol Mayor Peter smoocher must be using a lot of the drugs he wants to legalize.
Hey heroin and crackheads vote for Pete and he will make it available in all of America without repercussions.
How funny that anyone would take him serious but those like him.
King of the stupid people.I bet south Bend will be glad to be rid of him.

darla martin
darla martin
4 years ago

this loser candidate needs to get off the stage. and stay at home with his sweetheart

John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

Indecision and the inability to make a quick response are not the qualities one looks for in a leader, especially one that knows the Iranian targets would just as soon had him and his”wife” thrown off a building or hung from a crane.