Galluup Poll: Except for Outliers, Americans Don’t Trust the Media At All


The media runs polls that inflate their trustworthiness but we finally have a poll from Gallup closer to reality. The sad thing is the so-called journalists have no ability to self-reflect. Journalists are just so arrogant, they likely will never concern themselves with hitting the bottom of the trust continuum. They are activists for the cause and they are right, you are wrong.

As Glenn Greenwald says, “The only reason these pitiful numbers for trust in media aren’t zero is because Dems — of course — trust the media in far larger numbers (35% for newspapers) than GOP (5%) and independents (12%). Same with TV news.”

Democrats trust that which is, overly “big” – big government, big tech, big education, big news. The bigger and more centralized, the better.

Obviously, the main reason they trust the media is it’s biased left – very.

It’s very unnerving to see how trust is going down in so many of our institutions, especially under Joe Biden.

Can you think of why that might be?

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