GOP Debt Ceiling Rebellion Is Over


According to far-far left, hardcore leftist media activists at Politico, the conservative debt ceiling rebellion is over, even before it began.

“During a closed-door House GOP conference meeting last night, Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas) stood up and delivered a message to some of his fellow conservative hard-liners.”

“Cut it out,” he said, according to two people in the room.”

Politico said the message was “directed squarely at a small group on the far-right.”

[You’re far-right and a hardliner if you don’t want pandemic trillions carried over ad infinitum and want limited government.  How the US got to this place is perplexing.]

Rep. Dan Bishop discussed a motion to vacate and put McCarthy out to pasture. Politico reported that Rep. Chip Roy suggested to Glenn Beck that they’d have to “figure out the whole leadership arrangement again” if the deal remained.

“Other influential conservatives — including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the Freedom Caucus co-founder and godfather of the hard right”… told reporters it was “a terrible idea.” Politico dubbed Jordan the “godfather of the hard right” as if he were a Nazi.

Bishop, Roy, and Norman abandoned the plan to oust McCarthy. There weren’t any votes to get it done, and the debt deal will sail through Congress.

McCarthy worked around his critics when they pushed for floor votes. Also, Rep. Thomas Massie – who Politico calls a hardliner – supported McCarthy. If Rep. Massie didn’t support the rebellion, it definitely couldn’t work.

McCarthy said, “If you think I failed you, I’m sorry,” he told them at the conference meeting. “But if you think I failed, I think you’re wrong.”

Daniel Horowitz felt that if McCarthy went about it differently, McCarthy would have been more successful. It is too late now.

The thing that bothered me most was McCarthy saying things like, “Republicans gave up nothing.” Just tell the truth.

The rebellion is over.

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