Gov Noem whoops Lil George trying to say there’s no voter fraud


This clip doesn’t need any explanation. It’s Governor Noem whooping George Stephanopoulos who begins by claiming there’s no voter fraud.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Electoral fraud like illegal immigrants does not exist because the slime encrusted criminal excrement in the left of centre, progressive , liberal Demoncrapicshariarinos say so…

The Sword and the Stone
The Sword and the Stone
3 years ago

Saw that live during coffee bliss and wondered how that ever aired. Lil’ Georgie was busy counting up the Clinton Cash in his head when she broke out the truth hammer.
Maybe Trump just isn’t war monger enough for the derp state? The Syria regime change hasn’t come to pass. There are some countries left with no central bank.
Joe Joe the Clown will do whatever his handlers demand or the knives and covid spike will come out.
Remember to think like the controllers who have zero sympathy for anyone or anything.
Yes it is staring into the abyss but we must take on the armor in order to slay the dragons.