Grads Turn Their Backs on Mayor Adams As He Gives Commencement Speech


Law students graduating from the City University of New York (CUNY) turned their backs on New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) in protest against him as he gave their commencement address on Friday.

In New York, many of us call CUNY, Communist U.

Crude, Vulgar Behavior at CUNY Graduation

A number of the graduates stood silently and faced the back of the room as Adams spoke. Some boos and shouts could be heard.

When the New York School of Law dean introduced Mayor Eric Adams at the commencement service, she noted his time spent on the police force. The crowd booed.

There were more boos and heckles, according to video of the event, which was closed to the press, and according to two people who were in attendance. Even a couple of raised middle fingers, one person said.

“We have a lot of challenges, a lot of things that it needs discipline. And just as you see these graduates here, I know what it is to protest,” he said, which was followed by some yells back at him.

Adams has faced some controversy in the past week for his response to the death of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old mentally ill homeless man who was killed in a subway station earlier this month by Marine veteran Daniel Penny.

He wasn’t harsh enough for CUNY law graduates and told AOC she was reckless calling Mr. Penny a ‘murderer.”

The Subway Headlock Incident

Penny put Neely in a headlock (not a chokehold), causing him to lose consciousness. Neely was later pronounced dead in a hospital, and an autopsy ruled his death was a homicide.
Penny this week was charged with second-degree manslaughter. His attorneys have said he killed Neely in self-defense, while attorneys for Neely’s family said Neely was not harming anyone.

Neely was Black, while Penny is White.

Mr. Penny is in trouble. It’s very hard to get a fair trial in New York City if you’re on the wrong side of leftist radicals who don’t believe people deserve a trial before conviction.

The media is painting Mr. Penny as a murderer. They’re stirring up anger among the deceased’ family members and their supporters.

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