Is the TSA Bringing Back the Mask Mandate?


by Mark Schwendau

Whistleblowers from the TSA and Border Patrol have come forward to the online news show Infowars. Both groups have made claims that the Biden administration is setting the stage for additional Covid lockdowns ramping up to the 2024 election year. The foreshadowing will begin with incremental restrictions and news briefs, such as mask mandates for TSA employees in mid-September and passengers in October. TSA officials cited a meeting last Tuesday in which TSA managers were told new memorandums and policies were being completed that would re-implement masking, starting with TSA and airport employees as early as mid-September.

The TSA official said they will soon receive new guidelines on how the policy will escalate in mid –October, where mask-wearing will be required by pilots, flight attendants, airport staff, passengers, and airport patrons. Infowars reached out to a trusted Border Patrol manager who is also a whistleblower to them. The source confirmed the same directives are being given to Border Patrol.

The excuse given this time will be relative to a new Covid variant named EG.5, nicknamed Eris, of the Omicron variant line. Hospitalizations are reported by the media to be up anywhere from 12 to 14% lately in both Canada and the US. Eris is reported to be more easily contracted but less deadly.

We found the airline pilots starting to talk about this topic, and they are not happy. The Covid-19 pandemic and related mask mandates decimated the commercial airline industry in both 2020 and 2021, and the people who make their livings getting us from point A to B are not happy at all with the prospect of the mask mandate being re-imposed as per the post below:

Airline Pilot Forum – Posted by GhettoJet on 8-19-2023

“There have been some reports – from a couple of sources that are occasionally correct, but often less than accurate – that TPTB is preparing to trot out the Covid hysteria again starting next month. Masking for TSA in September and for pilots/FAs/passengers/airport patrons in October. So will you comply, or have you had enough of this $@(*)%?”

Since Dr. Anthony Fauci (D – former Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – NIAID) retired and been called to Capitol Hill to testify by fellow medical doctor Rand Paul (R – KY), multiple studies have been published and appeared online indicating masking does not stop Covid-19 and its related variants. 

Dr. Fauci referred to top D.C. prosecutor for CRIMINAL charges: Republican Rand Paul demands perjury probe into his ‘lie’ under oath that COVID did not come from the Wuhan lab


As the post by GhettoJet notes above, it is not known how reliable the sources of Infowars are on this story. Developments in the courts would seem to contradict this story. 

In November of 2021, the US Supreme Court unanimously struck down mask mandates. In April of 2022, a Federal judge in Florida struck down a COVID mask mandate for planes, buses, and trains and imposed a nationwide injunction. That judge ruled that the mandate exceeds the authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Similarly, a judge last June in New York ruled that neither the governor nor the state health commissioner has the authority to impose a mask mandate. He went on to say the state’s Legislature would have to approve specific laws to require masks in schools and certain public places.

Having noted the aforementioned cases above, that is not to say Joe Biden will not try to run contrary to the courts of law in the interest of bringing back mail-in ballots lacking chain of custody for a forensic audit to favor his party. It is the opinion of many if not most, Americans that if the Democrat Party can’t cheat, they can no longer win a legitimate election in this country.

The lawlessness, homelessness, open drug use, poverty, and general decimation of some of America’s largest urban areas (Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Washington, D.C., etc.) are rumored to be shifting many voters from the Blue Party to the Red Party in 2024. 

Joe Biden trying to re-impose the mask mandate will only serve to alienate more voters from his party.


Copyright © 2023 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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