Jack Smith Enlists Abby Grossberg Who Just Got $12M from Fox


Reporter Paul Sperry said that Jack Smith, the special counsel who charged Donald Trump, is enlisting disgruntled ex-Fox employee for any dirt she might want to spread on conversations between Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. Grossberg has already been caught misleading people, making her Smith’s ideal witness.

Her lawyer confirmed that she is cooperating with Jack Smith.

Fox just paid Grossberg off with $12 million to settle her lawsuit against them.

Abby Grossberg

Fox News settled a lawsuit with Abby Grossberg for $12 million and NPR claims it fed into the reasons for firing Tucker. While we don’t know what was on the tapes, what we know so far sounds like the whining of a WOKE woman. She could have left at any time, but instead she stayed and taped colleagues secretly in private conversations.

Grossberg said she was subjected to anti-semitic, sexist comments in a hostile environment. As examples of what caused her $12 million worth of suffering, NPR listed the following:

In one instance, she described images plastered around the office showing then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a bathing suit with a plunging neckline. In another, she accused a supervisor of challenging staffers on two separate occasions to state which of two female candidates for the Michigan governor’s race they would prefer to have sex with.

Seriously, those are the examples. She also complained of teasing over her Jewish faith.

Her case was based on:

…the culture echoed Carlson’s own sensibility – and the often harshly sexist and racist remarks he made on his program. In an interview in late April, Grossberg told NPR that her complaints were dismissed by a supervisor. “His response to me was, ‘We’re just following Tucker’s tone’,” she said on Morning Edition. “And I do really believe that it all trickles down from the top.”

She allegedly has tapes and offered to testify for Dominion.

In an interview with MSNBC, she said Carlson “made my life a living hell.”

Carksib worked remotely since the outset of the pandemic. He told NPR after her suit was filed, “I know nothing about her. I never met her.”

Grossberg disputes his claim, saying she frequently participated in team calls. It sounds like she didn’t meet him and was on phone calls.

She also claimed Fox wanted her to lie in the Dominion case.

After being fired from Fox, Grossberg said she held dozens of tapes of Fox journalists speaking privately. On the eve of the defamation trial, she offered to become a lead witness for Dominion, NPR writes.

Tucker’s entire team has since been fired.

Grossberg also alleges male executives at the network constantly belittled and demeaned female show hosts, including Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro.

Fox has silenced her insofar as they are concerned, but it sounds like Tucker and Trump could be in the crosshairs. Her statement:

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