James Woods on our current situation, “We are truly lost”


We have no idea when our current ‘president’ will return to the White House and our former president is banned from social media. James Woods is back and he’s responding.

“Our current President is holed up in a basement; won’t answer any questions from the press. Our last President is banned from social media and silenced. Our only news source on Afghanistan is from the Taliban, who hold press conferences and have an uncensored Twitter account.”

“The Taliban have an uncensored voice on Twitter, but the 45th President of the United States does not. Our current President will not answer questions the whole world is asking. We are truly lost.”

He also made note of the open border disaster.

This is a disaster and people on social media and in the mainstream are still trying to propagandize the situation and cover for Biden. It’s unbelievable.

World leaders all notice that we have a demented incompetent as president. They probably also noticed Nancy Pelosi is turning us into a Marxist nation within the next few months.

Donald Trump will be on Hannity tonight. It might be a must-watch.

In the meantime, we thought you needed a laugh:

Here’s more from James woods:

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