John Fetterman & Donald Trump Bash Pup Tents for Hamas


During Sunday’s interview on NewsNation with host Chris Stirewalt, Sen. John Fetterman defended the right of American citizens to protest. However, he criticized anti-Israel protesters who are camped out in tents occupying over 52 campuses.

Protesters in the encampments have called for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas, for universities to divest from Israeli companies, to end study abroad programs to Israel, and for the United States government to stop arming Israel.

“It’s a great American value to protest, but I don’t believe living in a pup tent for Hamas is really helpful,” Fetterman said.

Fetterman is now the rare Democrat voice against Hamas. The party is walking in lockstep with Biden’s Hamas allies as radical Islamist Democrats pour in illegally.

Watch the interview:

STOP THE PROTESTS [Actually, it’s stop the NGOs]

Donald Trump truthed earlier, “STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!” He also said what many in Israel and the administration are saying.

“Israel will find, very sadly,” Trump truthed, “that there are far fewer hostages than currently being thought. That’s why it’s hard for Hamas to make a deal. They are no longer able to produce the people because many of them are gone. Hamas is incapable of holding Jewish people for a long period of time without killing them. And it will only get worse! ZERO leadership from Biden. October 7th WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF I WERE PRESIDENT – NOT EVEN A SMALL CHANCE!!! DJT.”

Trump is referencing news that Hamas couldn’t come up with forty hostages to bargain for a ceasefire. They originally kidnapped 252.

The protests are for Hamas, not Palestinians. We are allowing radical Islamists to sway American opinion. They can legally protest but not take over campuses, roads, and bridges. The ‘protesters’ get bailed out by communist front groups like The National Lawyer’s Guild, Palestine Legal, and Center for Constitutional Rights (lawfare organization).


The administration should be shutting down the NGOs, but they collude together.

The protests are not organic. They are Astro Turf and are tightly coordinated and well-funded by a network of radical and often antisemitic non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They include Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Within Our Lifetime, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and Samidoun.

Under the guise of human rights and justice, these NGOs work to undermine the economic, military, and other ties between the US and Israel. They divide the US Jewish community. 

There is a good summary here.

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