KY Gov Defies Religious Rights During Pandemic


Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is becoming tyrannical. First, he was warned by a Federal Court to leave churches alone, at least drive-in churches. Then he received a warning from the Attorney General. The governor won’t listen.

Maryville Baptist Church and every church in Kentucky continue to suffer from illegal orders that prohibit all “religious gatherings” of any kind.

He lets liquor stores and Home Depots open as essential businesses although they do little social distancing, but not churches.

Governor Beshear sent an army of police officers to harass people attending a drive-in church service where people never left their cars. Then he ordered them to quarantine for 14 days.

Liberty Counsel is defending all Kentucky churches in a lawsuit against the governor. He can’t be allowed to get away with this.

State Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who joined the lawsuit against his own governor, wrote in a similar case:

The exclusion of religious organizations from the list of “life-sustaining” activities is no small matter. Governor Beshear has publicly declared that attending worship service is not life-sustaining, while allowing liquor stores and retailers to continue operating. It is mind-boggling discrimination.

The fact that Governor Beshear has identified 19 categories of activities that are, in his judgment, more essential than in-person church services is proof positive of impermissible targeting of religious exercise.

The freedom to practice one’s faith is a defining feature of American liberty.

Governor Beshear … [is] dictating how Kentuckians should exercise their religion…. Yet the First Amendment exists precisely to protect the beliefs of those who disagree.

The Governor remains defiant with his completely arbitrary decision as to what is essential and what isn’t.

This is an important case. Liberty Counsel is trying to raise funds to take this fight on.

Watch this clip, especially the part about the Maine governor:

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