LA doctor will treat Gorilla Glue girl for free


The Gorilla Glue girl, who put Gorilla Glue in her hair thinking it was a substitute for hair spray, has been living with frozen hair for a month.

An LA doctor came to her rescue, hopefully. The one problem with her situation is she wants to sue Gorilla Glue, the company that did nothing wrong.

Tessica Brown is in L.A., where a surgeon’s waiting to operate. He’s doing the extensive treatment to remove the glue for free. He uses a medical solvent.

Tessica touched down at LAX bright and early Wednesday morning, flying in from Louisiana to see the Beverly Hills doctor who says he can fix her rock-solid hair. She did eventually realize she needed medical intervention but the local hospital wasn’t working:

@im_d_ollady_Update ##gorillagluegirl ##viral ##update♬ original sound – Tessica brown

This is her original TikTok:

@im_d_ollady_##fyp ##foupage ##gorillagluegirl ##viral ##ItWasntMe ##TurboTaxLivePick6♬ original sound – Tessica brown

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