Illegal Immigrant Tried to Burn His Six Roommates to Death


The media calls an attempted mass murderer an Alabama man or a Robertsville man, but if you look into it, you’ll discover he’s here illegally.

Marlon Pineda-Enamorado

“Marlon Pineda-Enamorado, 38, was charged with arson after authorities said he barricaded six people inside a burning home in Robertsdale on New Year’s Day, WPMI reported, citing the city’s police department.”

“Authorities said he will also face attempted murder charges and has an immigration hold.”

“The suspect had used an accelerant, gasoline, to light several mattresses on fire inside his room and causing the entire home to be filled with smoke,” Robertsdale Police Lt. Paul Overstreet told WKRG.”

“Pineda-Enamorado is then accused of tying a bungee cord on the front door to keep his roommates from escaping, according to WPMI.”

He said he was angry and had been drinking.

“Police said one of the roommates called 911, WEAR-TV reported. Officers arrived to find two people trying to escape through a window and had to break down a door to get the remaining people out safely.”

“A 73-year-old was taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation, according to the station.”

“Investigators said Pineda-Enamorado’s rampage started after a conversation about him finding a new place to live, adding that his roommates had given him a deadline to leave, according to WKRG. Officers said they found him standing outside the home with a gas can still in hand.”

“Pineda-Enamorado was booked into the Baldwin County Jail and remains held without bond as of Jan. 5, online records show.”

We’re not getting their best.

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