Mayor Adams Produces Another Bomb: AI That Breaks the Law


The Markup is a New York website of journalists whose mission is “challenging technology to serve the public good.” One article stands out: NYC’s AI Chatbot Tells Businesses to Break the Law.

New York City announced a plan last October to use the fledgling brainpower of AI Chatbot to improve the business of government.

Unfortunately, AI Chatbot, which lacks adequate reasoning powers, is telling businesses to break the law. It was supposed to tell businesses how to start up and operate a business.

It tells landlords they don’t have to accept Section 8 and can discriminate based on source income. In reality, that’s illegal in New York City. It also tells bosses they don’t have to alert workers to schedule changes, but in NYC, for many businesses, you do.

It told funeral home businesses they can keep prices secret, but they can’t. AI Chatbot even told people they could refuse cash, but they couldn’t.

The NYC bot appears “clueless about the city’s consumer and worker protections.”

That could get people imprisoned, and that’s not good for business. Mayor Adams blurted this out without testing. It sounded good and he likes to sound good. He has the soundbites, but no plan.

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