Meg & Harry will eventually be LA progressives


Former Marxist president Barack Obama and his equally far-left wife Michelle are allegedly advising Meghan and Harry Windsor on how to maintain their profile. They’re apparently all friends. That is according to the Express UK.

Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, want to bring the British Royals into the new progressive future, even though they are supposed to be non-political.

The Obamas have books and do speaking engagements to keep them wealthy and happy. So far, the Royals aren’t supposed to do any of that.

The Daily Mail UK says the Royals want to live in Los Angeles eventually — after Donald Trump leaves office. [But we heard he’s never leaving, isn’t that what Democrats say?]

We really don’t need more annoying people here. We have our own progressive activists. Half of America can’t stand the LA Hollywood types.

Finally, they are temporarily staying in billionaire Frank Giustra’s home. He’s the Clinton friend who arranged the sale of our Uranium mine to Russia. He bought it and then sold it to Putin. Then Hillary’s foundation got a big donation for it.

We import Uranium.

This appears to be what the couple both want.

They will help bring down the Royals. Once the Queen is gone, it’s probably not going to survive although, when the line of succession gets to William and Kate, who knows. They are very popular. Perhaps they should just skip over Charles and Camilla.


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