Michigan Bill Gives $1.5 Billion for Racial Equity and Reparations


Far-left Michigan State Reps. Cynthia A. Johnson (D-Detroit) and Shri Thanedar (D-Detroit) created the Racial Equity and Reparations Fund Act, an appropriations bill.

House Bills 567274 would allocate $1.5 billion for a racial equity and reparations fund through the Michigan Department of Treasury. The department would then use this fund to provide grants, loans, investments, and other economic assistance for businesses and economic developments to promote Black communities across the state.

“We’ve left our small businesses, especially small businesses of color, to close up shop as we gave away billions in taxpayer dollars to large corporations,” said Johnson, sponsor of the legislative package. “Maybe that’s why in a city where 78% of the population is Black, only 10% of businesses are owned by Black people. There is a serious problem with that. The Racial Equity and Reparations Fund Act prioritizes minority-owned small businesses over the interests of corporations. It ensures everyone in our community has the tools they need to thrive in our economy.”

“The increasingly stark racial wealth gap is as old as our nation itself, and we’ve only seen it grow over the last few years,” Thanedar said. “As a small business owner, I know that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we should treat them that way. By investing in the communities that need it most, we can close the racial wealth gap and provide the tools underserved small businesses need to prosper.”

Therefore, people who never enslaved anyone will pay reparations to people who were never enslaved. And, there is no end to the gift-giving. It will keep on flowing until someone turns off the spigot. Reparations is an extremely radical Left idea that grew out of a violent Pan-Africanism [communist] movement. It has gone mainstream at a time when the states and the nation are deeply in debt.

As for equity, it is defined by Marxists and will be used accordingly with no end.

Currently, there is nothing under text and analysis. It’s totally open-ended, despite the claim of transparency.

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yo mama
yo mama
1 year ago

My worthless dad is a Michigan democrat, he deserves this.

Pay Your Taxes
Pay Your Taxes
1 year ago

Ask for some free weed or some of that money from several layers of taxes.
Excise, state, local.
Just wait until the feds see all that money and scoop it up in the don’t mind if I do department.
Reparations and redistribution? The business of mommygov for forty years now, well almost to reparations and once again how much do Jay-Z and Oprah get from evil racist America?

1 year ago

The only reason that Blacks do not do as well as other groups in American society is because Black Society and Culture is crap. All you have to do is listen Black Music which constantly opines about how Blacks are victims of everything. I live in very religious, Southern Baptist Mississippi. The Music they listen to here is spiritual and up lifting. Most Blacks I know here are doing everything they can to be an Uncle Tom and escape the Poverty and Crime of the Black part of towns; especially up in Jackson. Everywhere minorities get with the “America Program” they do well in America. The Formula is simple. Don’t buy into the “I’m a victim Culture”. Go to school, study hard, learn all you can, get a job as early as you can (while you’re in High School), Learn to Save Money, learn to be self-sufficient and responsible, Stay Away from Drugs, Stay Away from Gangs, Learn a Trade, Make Money, then go to college only if you’re college material and saved enough money to pay for it. If you’re really good at what you do and have the drive to go for the golden ring; Start your own Business.

Black People in America don’t deserve anymore than a level playing field. No one in America today is a victim of institutional racism or sexism, except for maybe White Males since the Federal Government puts them at the back of the line for Government Contracts and Jobs while Universities use quotas to push some of the best minds in America to the Back of the Line.

Racial Reparations is just another plan to keep Blacks on the Welfare Plantation and beholden to Democrats. Democrats can’t put Blacks in Chains, but Blacks in America seem to have no problem being a Democrat bought and paid for whore. If you’re going to be a Political Prostitute, don’t be surprised when Democrats treat you like one. President Trump did all he could to get jobs for minorities in America (Teach a Man how to fish for Lifetime) while Traitor Joe and the Democrats took that away and sent as many people as they could back to the Welfare Plantation with their hands out for leftovers.