MSNBC Booted! Sinister Ploy to OUT Rittenhouse JURORS-Updated



I just going to put up Twitter posts for the most part because I just got out of surgery and have no help today. I researched this earlier and again after I got home.

Judge Rittenhouse booted MSNBC from the courtroom. These losers need to be arrested and charged. I am so tired of the lying media — aren’t you? Do you know that a lot of liberals on Twitter thought Rittenhouse shot Black people? That’s the impression the dishonest MSM gave them.

Since this was posted, we found out it is TRUE! WTH! Seriously, WTH!!! How sinister and evil can one network get? They are putting these jurors in danger, terrorizing them so they are too afraid to do the right thing.

Kyle Rittenhouse is clearly innocent. You can argue he shouldn’t have been there, but you can’t say he acted in any way but self-defense. I think he handled the gun responsibly and he wanted to protect Car Source and the town his father and family live in. He wasn’t a vigilante. He was paid as security. If Democrats don’t want that, they should let the police do their jobs.

Watch this, share with your WOKE friends!

The idiot prosecutor said Kyle should have let the communist monsters beat him up “a little bit.” This is a trial against self-defense and guns. Wake up WOKES or you will be next. They’re crashing our Bill of Rights that protect YOU!

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