National Guard Captain Testifies: Forced to Stand Down Until 5 pm on J6


National Guard whistleblower Captain Timothy Nick said the Guard was ready to go to the Capitol on January 6 to help the police but was told to stand down until after 5 pm, which was too late.

The Secretary of the Army lied and claimed he made calls to the National Guard, but he did not.

What could possibly be the reason for letting the mob get out of control?

Anyone knows that a mob of any group can get out of hand, and in this case, they had a two-week warning of potential violence. They did nothing to stop it, and a woman was killed and officers injured.

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To Recap What We Know

They denied the request to deploy the National Guard and restore order because they didn’t “like the optics.” The Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police were left on their own.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser were warned about the security situation before January 6th. Despite that, they refused troops at the US Capitol that day for political reasons.

Chris Wray’s FBI also refused to notify the Trump administration and his cabinet secretaries that they believed there could be violence like the mass protests at the Capitol that took place that day.

John Solomon from Just The News revealed Capitol Police were first warned about possible violence at the January 6th protests two weeks before the planned rallies.

They allowed the event to get out of hand so they could call it an insurrection and charge and arrest hundreds of people, mostly people who were let in by police or who walked in and out.

The transcript follows the clip.

Captain Timothy Nick of the Army National Guard is one of the J6 whistleblowers.

This is a rushed, partial transcript:

“I was concerned by the event that unfolded that day in the United States Capitol. As a Federal Officer of the United States Secret Service and former state trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol, my heart goes out to all law-enforcement officers, sisters, and brothers that held the line that day to restore public order to the chaos.

“I’m here today with my Counsel, Laughlin, McKillen, and Dan Meyer …has advised me, beginning with my role as a confidential source of the Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

“When my confidentiality was breached, it was Dan who intervened to ensure I was protected as a military whistleblower on January 6. First, I want to explain my role on January 6. I was assigned as aide de camp, the personal assistant to major general, William Walker, the Commanding General of the DC National Guard.

“It was my only second day on the job. …

“I can say unequivocally that the inspector general’s review is riddled with inaccuracies, misstatements, perhaps false flags and narratives regarding how critical Pentagon senior officials responded when our Republic was under great stress.

“For instance, during a conference call at 2:31 p.m. with members of the United States Army, US Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police, the Department of the District of Columbia government, and USC Service Uniform Division, US Army Lieutenant General Walter Director Pyatt, US Army staff, and the Army” Lieutenant General Charles Flynn, Director of the Chief of Staff of Army Operations, was on the call. Also on the call was Colonel John Lewis, Executive Officer to the Secretary of the Army.

“The Army falsely denied that General Flynn was ever on the call. This is false, immaterial on its face.

“Lieutenant Flynn was on the call and even participated in discussions. The Defense Inspector’s review also rounds language papering over the fact that Lt. Gen. Pyatt and Lt. Gen. Flynn, while on the call, discussed how they did not like the optics. That is a direct quote.

“And they stated it would be best military advice to recommend to the Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy to deny request from Command General William Walker to deploy the DC National Guard and aid US Capitol Police and restore restoration order and border liberty on Capital Hill.

“In addition, former Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy claims he was on a 2:31 PM call and spoke on that call. This is false unless he was in the room, shadowing the call and he did not speak nor identify himself. He was not on the call.

“He was in route to Washington DC Regional Office at the Federal Investigations to support that concept of operation plan for January 6.

“He went on to claim that he called and spoke to Major General Walker at least twice, ordering the deployment in the DC National Guard. This is also false. At no time did General Walker take any calls, nor did we ever hear from the Secretary about any ongoing conference calls or the secure video teleconferencing throughout the day.

“This I know because I was with the Command General the entire time recording events throughout the day.

“Major General Walker told my staff officers to stand by with respect to deployment to the Capitol Hill. Only at 5:09 PM in the early evening, which I wrote down in my wheel book, was the DC Guard given orders to deploy and move to assist Capitol Police.

“We arrived too late with one American lying dead with other sisters and brothers injured, including federal and local law enforcement officers. We were ready and standing by. I know if we were ready to deploy immediately when General Walker made the request, the National Guard could’ve helped in civil disturbance to restore order quickly.

“The Army National Guard motto was Always Ready, Always There. The DC National Guard was ready to help assist Capitol police, but we were not allowed to do our job due to paralyzed decision-making by Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller and Secretary of the Army Brian McCarthy. This led to a crisis in federal leadership in the Pentagon. This led to a crisis in federal leadership at the Pentagon and delayed the DC  by three hours and 19 minutes. Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today and articulate the facts as they happen.”

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