Nazis Have Taken Over Our Streets


Anti-Semitism exists on the right and left, but the media must confront the anti-Semitism on the Progressive Left. It’s an ever-present evil. It must be rooted out and condemned. The media is treating this as a past event. Israel and Jews throughout the world face an existential threat.

This is pure evil, and it’s happening now. The massive numbers gathering in our streets are chanting, “From the river to the sea,” which means to destroy Israel. They want to kill Christians, Americans, and Europeans, not just Jews.

Eric Levitz, an X user, is temporarily restricted, but I have a screenshot of his mind-blowing post. He described horrific crimes in Israel. In one case, a mother and child were bound together with wire, hands behind their backs, and then burned alive. Babies were found headless, and Mr. Levitz says it lends credence to possible beheading. I guess he wants to be perfectly accurate, but how else does a baby lose his/her head?

This has to be condemned and addressed:

In Canada, the officials are barely reacting; these are the same officials who imprisoned and robbed truck drivers who wanted to be free to work. These are the officials who honor Nazis and run the government like tyrants.

The US administration is no better, although they put on a better act. The administration is funding the terrorists and trying to coerce Netanyahu from defending the nation with an invasion to root out Hamas. There are reports that US operatives are riling up the left wing in Israel because they want to unseat Netanyahu.

The ADL, with their constant assault on white people, even though they’re white, was served up a platter of horror that Progressive Democrats promote, and they got slapped down:

The media is so busy calling normal Republicans Nazis and covering up for their side, no matter how vile, that the youth no longer know who or what is evil.

The media is quickly turning to the side of the evildoers, supporting them, and trying to stop Israel from defending itself.

There are the misguided, like Tom Friedman at the New York Times, who think Israel under the right-wing avoided the peace process. No one can believe Hamas wants peace. Their charter is to destroy Israel. A two-state solution would only give terrorists another territory from which to lob bombs at Israel. They can have their state when the terrorists are gone.

Then we have people like AOC calling Israel inhumane and spewing Hamas propaganda. We have a serious problem in the United States when hundreds of thousands in major cities march for Hamas. Hamas is killing their own people in Gaza, using them as human shields, keeping them imprisoned under Sharia law, cutting off hands, and beheading them. It’s time to root out Hamas and destroy them.

Only two weeks after the horrific slaughter of families in southern Israel, we see massive marches for Hamas terrorists. Terrorism is evil. What Hamas did is evil and should never be supported. I shouldn’t have to say that, but it is a new era, an evil one.

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