New DHS Rules Make the Entire Country a Sanctuary for Transnational Gangs


The Department of Homeland Security has added new areas where ICE cannot go. It’s a clear message to criminal aliens where the safe spaces are for them and their crimes.

ICE cannot go anywhere near graveyards, community organization offices, and any area where children “gather.” Basically, they can’t arrest anyone across many urban areas, The Washington Times reports.

The rules, issued Wednesday, are designed to give illegal immigrants and others associated with access to essential services without fear of arrest, said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“This principle is fundamental,” Mr. Mayorkas said in a memo. “We can accomplish our enforcement mission without denying or limiting individuals’ access to needed medical care, children access to their schools, the displaced access to food and shelter, people of faith access to their places of worship, and more.”

Churches, hospitals, and schools have been off-limits for a while.

Mayorkas said ICE employees nearby “can have the same restraining impact” on someone trying to access a service, so officers need to avoid areas around playgrounds and school bus stops, not just the specific locations, according to the Times.

He acknowledged there was no “bright-line definition” of what “near” means and said it will be an “exercise of judgment.”

“Our obligation to refrain, to the fullest extent possible, from conducting a law enforcement action in or near a protected area thus applies at all times and is not limited by hours or days of operation,” Mr. Mayorkas wrote.

Criminals have sanctuaries throughout the nation thanks to the lunatics in the White House. Transnational gangs, cartels, all criminal aliens can commit crimes without fear of deportation.

They’re ours now thanks to the criminals in the White House who are committing crimes every day.

These lunatics are destroying the country. How long before we look like Zimbabwe?

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