New Mayor Karen Bass Wants to Hire 1,000 Police


Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass wants to spend a record $1.3 billion on converting hotels and motels into housing for the city’s sprawling homeless population. Mayor Bass also wants to hire 1,000 police officers. To get this done, she has to convince a city council that’s far to the left of her.

She was elected in November and prioritized solving the city’s homeless population problem during her campaign. She plans to house them. It’s a laudable goal, but it seems impossible and unworkable.

Shortly after her election, she set up a program called Inside Safe, which saw about 1,000 homeless people [out of 40,000] being housed in hotels and motels around the city.

Bass’ new proposal would see the city buying hotels outright to convert them into homeless shelters and treatment centers for substance abuse problems.

Her ideas for straightening out LA don’t stop there.


After Los Angeles officials defunded the police for years, Bass wants to hire 1,000 new police officers. Former Mayor Eric Garcetti followed the wishes of Black Lives Matter and defunded the police, cutting the force by 1,000.

She will recommend that the LAPD recruit new officers from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) — a move to increase diversity on the force and overcome resistance from the political far-left.

She will meet great resistance from the further left city council. At least two of them want the police defunded or abolished.

We wish her luck.

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