NO, SCOTUS case is not Biden backing police, it’s about gun confiscation


Twitter is filled with false news about a case before the Supreme Court, Caniglia v. StromSocial media and the media are framing the case as Biden backing up the police but it’s actually a case that could allow warrantless gun confiscation.

We already reported the story in more depth on this link. However, to make a long story short, a man had his guns seized without a warrant, and without cause. The police did it based on their best intentions, but they didn’t follow through on their promise to not seize his guns.

The Sentinel fully supports the police but they made a mistake here, and now our gun rights rest on three new Justices.

The man’s wife feared he was suicidal after an argument, and called the police, asking them to do a well-check. The police found the man completely safe, calm and appearing to not be suicidal. They told him they wouldn’t seize his guns if he went for a psych eval. Then they seized his guns.

The man was cleared by psychiatrists and found that the police told his wife he okayed seizing his guns. That wasn’t true. She showed the police where his guns were kept and they took them.

The Biden DoJ is claiming the warrantless, crimeless, mental-illness-less, event is covered under the 4th Amendment.

The exclusion in the 4th allows the police to seize property in car accidents to get them off the road. It’s strictly a highway exception that the government now wants to extend to homes.

It would allow the government to seize guns and anything else they want without a warrant or cause. These would be non-crime seizures.

Think about that!

For the media to claim Biden is supporting the police is very dishonest.

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