NPR corrects one of their false statements about Hunter’s laptop


National Public Radio has corrected an online article that falsely asserted that documents from first son Hunter Biden’s laptop had been “discredited by U.S. intelligence.”

A book review of Hunter Biden’s memoir “Beautiful Things” tried to bury the information posted by the NY Post.

“The laptop story was discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations,” the book review by Ron Elving falsely claimed at first. He is the senior editor of the publicly funded NPR.

The April 1 correction in a small grey box at the end of the review now reads, “A previous version of this story said U.S. intelligence had discredited the laptop story. U.S. intelligence officials have not made a statement to that effect.”

The entire media and social media conspired against the NY Post story when it came out, claiming it was false and banning it from social media.

The narrative from the Left was that the story was Russian disinformation. During a recent softball interview with CBS, Hunter said the laptop “certainly” could be his, adding that someone might have stolen it. He claimed he never left it with the computer repairman. Then he said it could be Russian disinformation.

Of all the fake stories, the Russian disinformation story is the most ridiculous. They think you are that stupid.

The laptop revealed a 2017 email chain involving Hunter Biden and associates brokering a proposed business deal with a Chinese energy company described a 10 percent set-aside for the “big guy.” Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski publicly identified Joe Biden as the “big guy.”

As of February, the first son still owned 10 percent of an investment fund controlled by Chinese state-owned entities.


Tony Bobulinski is the former business partner of Hunter Biden and James Gilliar in the Chinese energy company venture. He gave a presser at the end of October last year. During the event, Mr. Bobulinski stated emphatically that Joe Biden was deeply involved in Hunter’s deals.

Bobulinski had first-hand knowledge and spoke to Joe Biden personally. Mr. Bobulinski came with three phones he used during that time period, which contained evidence of what appears to be criminal behavior.

Before he revealed this information, he was told they were all going down if he came forward. Still, he has the guts to do it. He’s not a Republican, not political, and has given only to a few Democrat campaigns.

He told a story of $5 million transferred directly to the Biden family.

His statements are compelling and very believable.



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