Playing whack-a-mole with Trump betrayers


It’s hard to keep up with the angry Democrats and RINOs. They’re like land mines. We have three generals now, who are friends, complaining about President Trump doing something he didn’t do. The clearing of one block of protesters was strictly an Attorney General Barr initiative.

The Attorney General explained that today.

Generals Allen and Mattis condemned President Trump for his alleged response at Lafayette Park although he was not involved in it. There were also no rubber bullets or tear gas and if there were, that would have been okay [by the way, pepper balls and smoke canisters are not tear gas]. Among the protesters were very violent radicals who burned down a historic building, burned a historic church, injured federal agents, and put them in the hospital and more.

General John Kelly, President Trump’s former chief of staff John F. Kelly defended former defense secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday over Mattis’s criticism of the president’s handling of nationwide protests. We prefer Mark Levin’s take which you can read here.

Kelly also dismissed Trump’s assertion that the president fired the retired general in 2018.

Mattis did resign but he had to know the end was nigh. All of us knew.

As far as using the military, 58% of Americans according to the polls want the military used if these riots continue.

President Trump responded to the angry Democrat Generals:

None of these generals said a word on behalf of General Flynn who we now know was framed by his own government.


Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney jumped on the trash Trump train, betraying their party and real Republican base.

The fool Romney said, “I respect those who have protested, who have demanded that we must address racism and brutality,” Romney said in a statement. “From the news clips I have seen, the protesters across from the White House were orderly and nonviolent. They should not have been removed by force and without warning, particularly when the apparent purpose was to stage a photo op.”

Only it’s not true. Attorney General Barr explained today that the clearing out is the direct result of destruction and violence and it was ordered by him. He didn’t know the President was going to walk to the church and the President didn’t know Barr was clearing Lafayette Park.

These fools are going along with a lie.

Romney also liked Mattis’ “stunning and powerful” words (also inaccurate). He is such a betrayer.

These people are like little landmines always ready to attack at the worst moments.

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