Roswell Rachel is going down, down, down in the ratings


Conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, whose show was the most popular on MSNBC, has been sinking in the ratings. The show strictly airs left-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories.

Fox News reports the show continued to nosedive in cable news ratings. Some critics say it’s because the host has misled her audience for years.

She never tells the truth.

Her show finished behind five different Fox News programs in total viewership. Even boring Bret beats her.

CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” beat Maddow in the demo despite a month filled with negative publicity over his bro-friendly interviews with his sibling, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Even the little-watched “Anderson Cooper 360” managed to tie Maddow among the key demo during May.

In the age 25-54 range, she averaged 455,000 viewers, in a tie for seventh place.

This is all happening during an unprecedented news cycle.

“Rachel Maddow’s success was a one-trick pony. That trick was Trump-Russia conspiracy theories on an Alex Jones level of crazy. After the Mueller report, Maddow’s decline was inevitable,” Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News, referencing the findings from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“She got a respite due to impeachment hysteria, but now that that too has passed, there’s no reason for anyone except the hardcore left to watch her,” Jacobson added. “Her decline could be permanent unless some other political paranoid delusion draws people back to her.”

How she became popular in the first place is what is amazing.

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