Despot Gov Whitmer was out without social distancing


Tyrant Governor Gretchen Whitmer locked down her peasants without any consideration of their needs and welfare. She tried to destroy a 77-year-old barber’s life. Her husband tried to use her influence to get his boat in the water ahead of others on Memorial Day.

She told the peasants they couldn’t even buy gardening supplies. It’s snowing anyway, she said.

When the peasants rose up and marched on her palace, she said she would now extend the lockdown with a smirk on her face.

She’s the governor who said she wants to abolish ICE.

Anyway, as she bans people from opening their businesses, she’s out and about, not social distancing, schmoozing with those in her good graces.

She’s a monster and needs to be banished. Come on, Michigan, dump this tyrant.

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