Police Move In, Arresting Truckers, Creating Serious Problems for Themselves


UPDATE: The truckers were removed but the police are blocking traffic.
Police moved in on truckers on Ambassador Bridge. Big rigs had moved out and two small trucks blocked traffic with police making about a dozen arrests.

All the administration had to do was drop unnecessary mandates or at least negotiate for some compromise. Instead, they are prolonging and magnifying the problems caused by the mandates.

The trucker protest isn’t over. They’re just going to move around. They are currently headed for the Washington State border.


There were arrests at Ambassador Bridge and police were stymied by a small group of truckers.

Canadian police swept through the lingering protest of COVID-19 restrictions near the massive Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit to Canada on Sunday, arresting a few truckers and other protesters still attempting to block the nation’s largest border crossing.

“Enforcement will continue in the demonstration area and there will be zero tolerance for illegal activity,” Windsor, Ontario, police tweeted Sunday. “The public should avoid the area.”

Zero tolerance sounds tyrannical.

Police said about a dozen arrests were made and several vehicles were seized and towed away. The bridge is still closed. It was not immediately clear when the bridge, shut down by protests for a week, would reopen.

The police also announced that vehicles were being towed and that Canadians should avoid the area.

If those arrested are convicted, they will likely lose their vehicles in asset forfeiture.

It’s Not Over

“It’s not the end,” protester Kim Deon said. “What happened here in the last week is showing the world and showing the rest of the country that, you know what, this needs to be done to stop what’s going on in our country.”

An Edmonton Police Officer posted a video expressing her gratitude to the truckers and is now under investigation.

Const. Elena Golysheva of the Edmonton Police Service in Edmonton, Alberta, delivered a tearful three-minute, 17-second speech.

“I’ve always been reminded by my supervisors, ‘Please question unsafe orders. Ask us questions if you think the orders are unlawful.’ And that’s what I think our job is. Thank you truckers for standing up for all of us,” Golysheva said in the video.

Golysheva said she moved to Canada to be free.

“Over the last 17 years, I have been asked my fellow police officers and [the] public why I moved to Canada…I wanted to be free. My heart has been broken every day,” Golysheva said, breaking down during the cathartic statement, “when I saw the very freedom that I moved to Canada for has been taken away.”

Crying, she said, “And people, Canadians, who lived here, who were born here, they were not recognizing that. I fought to come here to have it, and it was very difficult to see it being taken away.”


U.S.Democrats are wholeheartedly opposed to the working men and women protesting. They have joined in with Trudeau and the worst of the Canadian elite in demeaning the protesters with lies.


Police are setting up command centers in Ottawa and elsewhere to end the trucker protests. Several hundred counter-protesters showed up in Ottawa, some, perhaps many, were bussed in. They were mostly young people, probably the same people who marched with the violent communist hate group — Black Lives Matter.

Protesters are still in Ottawa. CTV, pro-Trudeau media, is calling it a siege.
According to Ezra Levant, in Toronto, it’s the police shutting down traffic.


Correction: I removed two lines of opinion after publication based on two polls showing the truckers are unpopular but Trudeau is much more so, partly because he wasn’t tougher on the truckers.

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