Politico Gaslights America, Stars Alvin Bragg


Politico is gaslighting us with their article, “By the book, DA confronts unpredictable opponent in Trump.” The DA in question is Alvin Bragg.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who refuses to enforce criminal laws, is essentially a Soros appointee. The left interprets this as anything but what he is and what is happening:

In recent weeks, Trump has already sought to paint Bragg as a liberal firebrand, promoting criticism about his progressive policies on ending the prosecution of minor offenses and curbing jail time for certain crimes. Trump has seized on a $500,000 donation from a political action committee supported by billionaire liberal donor George Soros to Bragg’s campaign. It was part of a nationwide effort by the group, Color of Change, to help elect district attorneys who want to end mass incarceration in part by not seeking bail for some crimes.

The article gets worse from there.

Yahoo profiled Alvin as a popular, successful black man who went to Harvard. In the end, Alvin’s a weak tool of the left. He wants to prosecute a white man who, at most, committed a misdemeanor. The case is also beyond the statute of limitations. It’s a case that was repeatedly rejected by the federal prosecutors and one he won in civil court.

Bragg releases violent criminals if they’re black but went after a Hispanic bodega store owner acting in self-defense against a black criminal.

So, who’s the racist?

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2 months ago

Politico is German owned and probably influenced by Klaus Schwab. Politico is always Gaslighting America. It probably has close ties with the CCP too!

2 months ago

Soros and Joe Biden are longtime racists. Appointing blaks to high positions of power enables both those reprobates to deceive and manipulate them to do their bidding. Bragg’s decriminalizing criminal felons is an order from the KKKJoe Biden which prompts and allows blaks to kyll each other.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Maybe with the previous article and this one there should be a new section entitled Clown World.
The previous would be Clown World Chapter 1, this would be Clown World Chapter 2.
Perhaps we would have to exclude articles about Senator Fetterman (PA) and President Biden. 🙂
We could even set up a pool for when it would be Clown World World Chapter 100. Please reserve October 31, 2023 for me.