Proof the Manhattan Case Is Purely Political


There is ample proof the Bragg case against Donald Trump in Manhattan is purely political, from the gag order to the lack of due process to conflicts of interest and to the venue the judge has allowed.

The government dumped 30,000 pages of documents on the defendant three weeks before the trial. The judge is insisting on a quick trial for no reason. They are going to have trial dates on Fridays to exclude conservative Orthodox Jews who mostly support Donald Trump. The judge won’t exclude himself even though his daughter is raising money off the trial, and he made a donation to Biden.

Donald Trump has the right to a fair jury and competent counsel. How can you have competent counsel when they are bouncing around from case to case in several courts? How do you get a fair jury in Manhattan that is 89.9% Biden voters?

The US Attorney General should have canceled the case in Manhattan and Georgia because they are both Federal. He didn’t because he is corrupt.

Former US Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman explained in the clip below. Hear it from a lawyer. The current DOJ and Soros attorneys created crimes out of whole cloth.


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