Proud Boy: Life Sentence & Labeled a Terrorist for Property Damage


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that a man pleaded guilty to “planning to murder her,” and he was “only sentenced to three months.” That sends quite a message. As Mrs. Taylor Greene said, “BLM attacked police night after night all summer in 2020, and over 95% of them had their charges dropped!”

One of the Proud Boys, retired Marine Dominic Pezzola, who served his country, broke a window and a police shield. The prosecutor wants him to serve 27 years in prison. That is a life sentence.


Julie Kelly noted that the DOJ and federal judges are systematically adding bogus, ancient, and low-level offenses to a list of domestic terror crimes. “Breaking a window and pushing a metal rack soon would be crimes eligible for domestic terror sentencing enhancements” [but it will only apply to Republicans].

The list of obstruction of official proceedings has never been used in the way it is now – as a seditious conspiracy that requires no use of force or pre-planning.

As Mark Levin said, the “same DOJ seeking 33 years for proud boy leaders sought and got early release for the Molotov cocktail throwing Ivy League lawyers in New York during the 2020 BLM riots. They not only threw a Molotov cocktail into a police cruiser and destroyed it, but they were making them available to other violent rioters. For the Biden regime and their DOJ, as well as so many federal judges, the issue comes down to who is doing the rioting or protesting. On the whole, the least harsh penalties are saved for violent anti-Trump supporters and Marxists.”

Calling property damage – terrorism, riots – insurrections, and petty misdemeanors – felonies is what communist regimes do.

One of the “seditious conspirators,” Dominic Pezzola, broke a window and a riot shield. He apologized. For that, he gets 27 years in a federal prison and is labeled a “domestic terrorist” and a traitor.


“I’m taking the stand today to take responsibility for my actions on January 6,” Pezzola testified in April of this year, “and I’m also taking the stand to explain how these men over here that I’m indicted with should not be roped into my actions, and to also explain how there was no conspiracy.”

Pezzola testified he took a police riot shield but only to protect himself from the spray of pepper balls and rubber bullets. It was with this shield that Pezzola later broke open the window to the building.

“My only intention was to protect myself,” he said of taking the shield. “It almost felt like being under sniper fire.”

Pressed by his attorney on why he didn’t turn around and leave the area, Pezzola said that as an ex-Marine, he was conditioned never to run away.

“You’re conditioned to not even think about flight response,” he told the jury. “I guess I’m just programmed to run toward danger.”

On breaking the window, Pezzola testified he was “caught up in the confusion,” adding that “it was stupid” and said he was sorry.

Dominic Pezzola

While in the Capitol, Pezzola lit a cigar and took a video.

“Victory smoke in the Capitol, boys,” Pezzola said, according to the video. “I knew we could take this motherf**ker over [if we] just tried hard enough. Proud of your motherf**king boy.”

That last bit of braggadocio and property damage got him a life sentence, but the $2 billion in property damage by the communist anarchists of BLM and Antifa goes unanswered.

This is the tyranny of neo-Democrats who see the one-party state in their grasp. This is how they will rule.

Mr. Pezzola was a Proud Boy.

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