Regime Sues Sheetz for Screening Out Criminals – It’s Racist


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed suit against Sheetz convenience stores in far-left Baltimore because they don’t hire people with criminal backgrounds. They say it discriminates against minorities because so many are convicted of crimes.

Sheetz, Inc. operates 700 stores in six states.

Joe Biden stopped by a Sheetz store in Philadelphia this week, and no one paid an ounce of attention to him – such is his popularity.

Sheetz said Thursday that it “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

“Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of who we are. We take these allegations seriously. We have attempted to work with the EEOC for nearly eight years to find common ground and resolve this dispute,” company spokesperson Nick Ruffner said in a statement.

Sheetz mandates that all applicants successfully clear a criminal background check prior to employment. Biden’s regime wants to mandate businesses hire criminals.

The EEOC isn’t alleging they have racial animus. They just want them to hire criminals.

The totalitarians in the Biden regime want to control everything small business does, and they really love their criminal voting bloc.

Democrats see criminals as victims. It’s the Marxist oppressor-oppressed ideology.

The privately held, family-run company has over 23,000 employees and operates convenience stores and gas stations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and North Carolina.

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